Cosmotronics is a leading supplier of high quality safety products. Our safety product portfolio is designed for both human and machine safety, and produced to the highest Standards according to international specifications and all our products comply with local and international Standards.


Safety Rope Switches

All safety rope emergency stop switches conform to ISO13850 (EN418) and EN60947-5-5 standards. They provide positive mechanical linkage between switch contacts and the wire rope as per EN60947-5-1. 

Conveyer Belt Switches

Conveyor belt alignment switches are mounted on sections of plant conveyors to protect against excessive belt drift due to unintentional movement. Should the belt position drift, the roller arm of the switch will move to a pre-determined position causing activation of a control circuit providing positively opening NC safety contacts (to EN60947-5-1) at the point of tripping.

Tongue Operated Switches

Tongue operated safety interlock switches fit to the leading edge of sliding, hinged, or lift-off machine guards to provide positively operated switching contacts and a tamper-resistant (not easily defeatable) key mechanism. Used independently to provide positively operated contacts to EN60947-5-1 or in combination with any dual channel safety monitoring relays to provide up to category 4 PLe ISO13849-1.

Safety Switches

Non-contact safety sensors provide highly-reliable, tamper-proof personnel protection for monitoring protective doors, gates and guards, they uniquely identify passive RFID transponders ensuring high coding levels and effective protection against manipulation with easy installation and safety system integration to Ple/SIL3. Coded in two different ways for appropriate tampering protection in all applications.

Safety Light Curtains

EOS series Safety light curtains, with its compact, robust housing, are ideal for the protection of any machine tool, in particular where space restrictions exist. Its zero-dead-zone on one side, allows EOS to keep its original resolution when installed on a plane and up to 40 mm when installed at 90° against another EOS unit.

Safety Controllers/Relays

Modular, configurable safety controllers are capable of managing all safety functions of machinery or plants. Made up of a Master unit that can operate as a stand-alone device or control up to 14 expansion units in a system. 

Safety lockout hasps

Safety lockout hasps permit multiple padlocks to be used when isolating one energy source. The lockout hasp is placed through the isolating point and closed. Each person carrying out maintenance or service attaches their unique individually keyed padlock through the lockout hasp, thereby ensuring complete safety during maintenance operations. The hasp can only be removed once all padlocks have been removed.

Surge Protection Devices

Surge Protection Devices for the protection of low voltage equipment against transient voltage and current surges mainly from atmospheric origin (lightning) and transient produced by switching characteristics such as in switching of distribution networks, transformers, motors, etc. Our SPDs provide protection for even the most sensitive equipment (IEC 60634-4-443 category-1). Protection devices that are suitable for all types of applications: residential, commercial and industrial

Smoke Detectors

Advanced photoelectric technology for precise smoke detection. Equipped with 9 VDC battery and 220 VAC power plug, the smoke detectors also have a low-battery warning, a flashing LED that indicates when the battery needs to be replaced. The detectors also include a built-in manual test button. These devices are independent stand-alone device that can be installed without any wiring.

Micro Switches/Limit Switches

All safety rope emergency stop switches conform to ISO13850 (EN418) and EN60947-5-5 standards. They provide positive mechanical linkage between switch contacts and the wire rope as per EN60947-5-1. All Safety rope switches incorporate wire-breakage monitoring, pulling or breakage of the rope, positively opens safety contacts closing auxiliary contacts, and mechanically latching the switch which can only be returned to the operational condition by pressing the blue reset button as required by ISO13850.

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