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Cosmotronics Industrial cc was formed in 1987 by Mr James John Everard. The Company’s primary business in its early days was as an Electronic Wholesaler to Industry in the Greater Port Elizabeth area and surrounds. The management knew that their future lay in diversification of their business. Thus, they successfully evolved and diversified to become one of today’s leading Electrical & Electronic Wholesalers and Switchboard Manufacturer in the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Area.

Cosmotronics Industrial cc is a family run business with extensive experience in the fields of technical support, design and sales, manufacturing within the sheet metal and electrical workshops, computer aided design skills and so many more. All of these individuals with their diverse backgrounds and cultures make our company what it is today. Our workforce brings a combined technical knowledge of approximately 130 years! You can be assured that your technical requirements are in good hands at Cosmotronics.

Mission & Vision

Our mission of Cosmotronics Industrial cc is to become the premier Supplier of Electrical and Electronic equipment and services, as well as a designer and manufacturer of quality Switchboards and Panels to industry. We at Cosmotronics Industrial cc are a team of skilled professionals, each with qualifications and experience in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of Electrical, Instrumentation & Control systems. Working together, we always ensure that we perform to the highest standard.

Community Development

Cosmotronics has recognized the historical incongruities and is actively collaborating with various PDI organizations and firms to uplift individuals affected by these disparities. Our burgeoning partnership with MMECA (Mandela Metro Electrical Contractors Association) is gaining momentum, and we are committed to sustaining and expanding such initiatives as long as the need persists in our community.

Dedicated to Skill Development and Training

Mindful of the evolving landscape, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by MERSETA for the comprehensive training of PDI’s in the workplace. This commitment transcends our internal sphere, extending to associations like MMECA. Our proactive approach ensures that the training program encompasses not only our staff but also resonates within our collaborative networks.

Equal Employment and Supportive Environment

In our unwavering dedication to development, we have aligned ourselves with the Employment Equity and Skills Development Acts. The dividends of this strategic alignment are evident as our management instills diversity awareness, HIV/AIDS awareness, and a profound recognition of prior learning. These Acts serve as catalysts for our commitment to fostering an inclusive and informed environment.

Employment Equity

Our pledge extends further, intertwining with Black Empowerment Enterprises and exploring joint venture opportunities. This underscores our dedication to forging partnerships that catalyze empowerment and open doors to prospective avenues of growth. In every facet of our journey, we remain resolute in our pursuit of positive impact and transformation

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Generator Planner & Builder Manager

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